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DEBBIE NORRIS- A Personal Note

Young Living Representative Oakhurst, CA 

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A Personal Note From Me…

I have been using Young Living Essential Oils off and on since 2007 when my sister joined Young Living—more off than on in the beginning until I began to change my paradigm of thinking. Then I began to consider using my Young Living Essential Oils to maintain the vitality and well-being of me, my husband, and our lovable feline companion, Buster, a FIV+ kitty. Life is great for all 3 of us!

I have always been interested in natural health and nutrition, and I’m constantly learning, always looking for more information not only to educate myself but to share with those on the same journey, or looking to embark on one. For those who are new to the world of essential oils, and to Young Living in particular, you are probably not sure where to start.

Here at Young Living we’ve been at this since 1993 and are the ones primarily responsible for the initial resurgence of interest in pure, AUTHENTIC essential oils over the past couple of decades. There is no other essential oil company doing what Young Living is doing. Because of our success you’ll find lots of other companies constantly comparing themselves to Young Living… it’s because we’ve set the standard everyone else is TRYING to reach. Young Living Essential Oils is committed to producing the world’s purest, most AUTHENTIC essential oils that mother nature can provide. Our standards for essential oil purity and quality is unsurpassed and provide consistent, reliable results, time after time! You can rest assured with our SEED-TO-SEAL process that you are using the worlds best, therapeutic-grade essential oils. This process uses a five-step process and is used on our own farms and our partner, cooperative, and vendor farms worldwide. It ensures that we are producing the highest quality essential oil possible, thus providing the optimum levels of beneficial constituents in every single bottle of oil that we produce. Its a bold statement yes, but because of this process we’re confident that we have the very best essential oils in the world. There are many essential oil users, especially massage therapists, who were total skeptics of our claims who, after doing a side-by-side test of their brand of oils with ours, are now full-fledged, PASSIONATE users of Young Living’s essential oils. They were shocked and amazed at the results our oils produced and have gladly made the switch.

For those of you who are new to the world of essential oils, and to Young Living in particular, you are probably not sure where to start. Not to worry… we’re here to help you! You’ll find tons of information right here on this website. To help get you started click on the links below to begin learning about essential oils, what they are and how they work. I believe following these suggestions will give you an essential oil foundation of knowledge to begin with and to build on.

Learn About Essential Oils Here!

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When You’re Ready To Begin Your Own Journey

So the question is, are YOU ready to begin a journey into the world of Young Living Essential Oils? Would you like to start experiencing their amazing and powerful benefits for yourself? Are you ready to experience a life of wellness, purpose and abundance? If your answer to that question is YES… then I invite you to join us in the journey with one of our Premium Starter Kits!


Click here to learn just a few quick tips on how to begin incorporating them into your life!

Limited 30-day Money-back Guarantee

Because we know it may take time to find the right combination of essential oils and/or supplements that work best for you we offer you a limited 30-day money-back guarantee. Our promise to you so that you can explore their amazing benefits first hand with confidence. Guaranteed to be pure, authentic and therapeutic-grade! No synthetic oils and no added chemicals. They are oils that WORK… going beyond traditional basic aromatherapy!

Training and Support Along the Way

When joining, it’s very important to join Young Living Essential Oils under someone who is ready, willing, and ABLE to help guide and support you along the way. When you join with me know that I’ll be their to help guide and support you along the way. My Heaven Scent Oiler Team members and I are passionate about Young Living’s oils because of the difference they’ve made in our lives, and in the lives of countless others. We’re prepared to help you begin your own journey into the world of essential oils. We have lots of tools available to help you along the way… allowing you to learn at your own pace. On the HOW TO ORDER page you’ll find a link to our Congratulations and Welcome to Young Living page… this link will get you off to a great start and provides you with everything you need to begin learning how to use essential oils.
I encourage you to begin conducting your own research on essential oils. Even the scientific community is investigating essential oils and you will find that there are literally tens of thousands of published studies on essential oils. I love reading essential oil testimonials and looking for research on essential oils. I encourage you to do the same as I believe that you too will be amazed at what you find.

Our oils come with peace of mind you won’t find anywhere else— and it all starts with our farms. Because we cultivate, harvest, and distill many of our essential oils ourselves, we can verify their purity from start to finish. With extensive laboratory testing and independent audits, we promise you powerful oils, just as nature intended them.

As an animal lover and having a heart especially for felines, I have spent the last several years, in journeys of my last 3 kitties, delving into alternative and more holistic care of them. I have come to think that God thinks I need “special needs” kitties. With each kitty my journey took me more into alternative care and nutrition for their being able to thrive. It has been a learning experience.

With my Buster I have delved into using Young Living essential oils and supplements for him. I highly recommend looking at Young Living’s Animal Scents Collection for your pets.

So, if you’re new to Young Living Essential Oils and decide to join me on your own essential oil journey, please know that I’m here to help guide, support and assist you along the way. When you’re ready to begin your journey and want to learn about the ordering process, or when ready to order, just use the links above. And remember, should you still have questions PLEASE feel free to contact me by clicking above on my CONTACT INFO so I can answer any remaining questions you may have.

Blessings on your essential oil journey,

Debbie Norris

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