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Dirty Little Secrets of the Fragrance Industry

The fragrance industry doesn’t want you to know about their dirty little secrets… that your favorite perfume or cologne is more than likely a complex concoction of natural essences and synthetic chemicals. They take chemicals from their stockpile of 3,100 chemical ingredients, often made from petrochemicals to produce some of the best smelling, allergy-inducing, hormone disrupting, headache causing fragrances in the world. What they don’t tell you about is that many of these chemicals present potential health risks and build up in people’s bodies and pollute it.

Since our skin is our largest organ much more attention needs to be paid to what we are putting on our skin. What you put on your skin gets absorbed into the body very quickly, not to mention that you are also inhaling these chemicals when you either apply them to the skin, or spray your favorite perfume, hair spray, air freshener, etc. onto your body or into the air. I think you get the picture here. Ever walk past a candle shop or perfume store in the mall and get an instant headache… and wonder why? You’re inhaling toxic volatile chemicals.

So whether you’re applying and/or inhaling them remember that these volatile chemical scents are more than likely getting stored within the body and polluting it. We should all be using great caution when it comes to what we are putting on and in our body. I say, if I can’t eat it I don’t want to put it on my skin or much less inhale it, where it goes directly to the limbic system in the brain.

Fortunately you have other choices available… enter ESSENTIAL OILS!
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Now, I’m not talking about just any brand of essential oil. Most of the oils in the market place are nothing more than sweet smelling scents and like the perfume industry are adulterated with toxic, synthetic chemicals. So please don’t take the following information and go down to your local grocery store, or even health food store, and attempt to use them in the same manner.

Try making up your own essential oil “perfume”. Instead of using water as the base be sure to use a good carrier oil like jojoba or almond oil. These fatty oils (different than essential oils) helps prevent the essential oil from evaporating too quickly and helps extend the fragrance. You’ll need to apply this more often than you would your typical cologne or perfume but at least you’ll be secure in knowing that you’re not polluting your body with synthetic, toxic chemicals and in fact you’ll actually be infusing your body with all the many and wonderful benefits that pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils have to offer.

Young Living has some wonderful smelling singles and blends… some of my favorites are White Angelica, Joy, Jasmine, and Rose. I suggest that you do your own online research and find out what essential oils or “natural essence” is used in your favorite perfume. Then play around with creating your own healthy version by adding a total of 25 drops of essential(s) to one ounce of carrier oil to a small glass bottle. Avoid using plastic… plastic is made from petrochemicals which is one of the things that we’re trying to avoid here. Cover and let the bottle sit for two weeks before using. Have fun, and let the “oiling” begin.

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