• “There is treasure to be desired and oil in the house of the wise.” – Proverbs 21:20

Your Journey Into The World Of Essential Oils

Your journey into the world of essential oils belongs to YOU, and no other. If you’re serious about learning how to incorporate them into your life and want to learn how they can help support your health and wellness goals then you’ll need to invest some time and effort into your journey. Once you do, I’m betting that you’re going to be as shocked, amazed and excited as I was, and still am, at what a treasure these precious oils are. No wonder they were considered more valuable than gold in ancient times.

I realize that some of you are just beginning your journey, others of you began awhile ago and may have to grab the kit from the shelf or drawer you put them in, and dust off the cobwebs. Others of you haven’t even started yet. It doesn’t matter, its okay… this information is pertinent to anyone on a YL essential oil journey or wanting to begin one. Think of your journey as an Adult Ed Continuing Education class… that has no ending! There is so much information available to help you learn how to properly use our oils and oil-infused products that it can be overwhelming at first to those who are new to essential oils, and to Young Living in particular. There’s no need to swamp yourself with information, just take it slowly, one day at a time, one step at a time and begin applying what you learn along the way. Be prepared to hold onto your seat… it’s going to be an incredible ride.

research, Research, RESEARCH!

When I first began using essential oils I had no idea how powerful they were and would have to say that I was a casual user. Once I began using them on a consistent basis it didn’t take long to find out though. After my first couple of “WOW” experiences I knew I had to learn more about them. So I began researching.

I wanted to learn about their chemistry, you know, what makes them tick so to speak. So I began conducting my own on-line research on essential oils and was shocked at the vast amount of published, peer-reviewed research that’s available. I began learning about the biblical usage of oils and searched for oil testimonials. I found lots of fascinating stuff on PINTEREST and on YouTUBE too but some of it was contradictory and confusing so I realized that I needed to purchase a good desk reference on essential oils that supported all three methods of use… topical, aromatic and internal. I devoured everything I could find and wanted to learn all I could about Young Living’s pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils, not to be confused with the cheap smelling scents found at your local grocery store or health food store, or online. I was absolutely stunned and fascinated by what I was learning and wanted to learn more about their chemistry and how they work. Boy was I hooked. I kept thinking to myself…. why doesn’t everyone know this? How is it possible that most people know little to nothing about them?

What did I learn? There are literally tens of thousands of published research papers on essential oils, with over 1,700 on just Frankincense alone. From government websites, to colleges and universities, to private organizations… there is a ton of research going on in the world of academia. I promise you, if you’re new to essential oils and begin researching them for yourself you are going to be shocked by what you find.

So how can YOU can start educating yourself and learn how to use Young Living’s essential oils?

Young Living Blog

The Young Living Blog provides current, up-to-date ways to use our products and is a great resource. yleo blog postIt’s filled with many timely tips and information including recipes. While there be sure to sign-up to receive notification of new blog posts so you never miss one and the information it provides.

The image above is from a Young Living blog post from last year was on cleansing and detoxfying, and is good information any time of year… not just in the springtime. The information provided in this post, and others like it provide useful information year round. This particular one should come in handy with all the holidays coming up. Many holistic practitioners recommend doing a gentle cleanse every 3 months or so. After the holidays is always a great time to consider doing this so be sure to click on the link above and check it out. You may want to stock up now on any product you may need if you’re planning on cleansing after the holidays. While there don’t forget to sign-up to receive blog post notification and as time allows check the ARCHIVE files along the way.


There are TONS of Facebook pages that provide amazing information on how to use Young Living’s products. You’ll find lots of helpful information on my HeavenScentOils4U FB page plus you’ll gain access to fellow team members on our group FB page. Facebook’s private messaging also allows you a way to quickly connect with team members and offers a further way to help support each other. We have ever growing team of PASSIONATE oilers who love and support one another on a daily basis.

Young Living’s Facebook page and their corporate leaders have Facebook pages which are filled with extremely helpful information, timely tips, recipes, and more. They also occasionally offer you the chance to win FREE PRIZES! So be sure to check out their Facebook pages and LIKE them while there. Try to check it on a daily basis so you don’t miss a thing!

Attend On-going Training and Classes

I have found that the people that experience the most success are the ones willing to own and embrace their journey, who are personally invested and engaged in it. They don’t expect others to tell them what to do. They yearn for more information and are willing to do their own research! They go to training classes as often as possible. You’ll find tips on how to find Young Living events near you inside our New Members User Guide. Also, check Young Living’s website for upcoming classes and events worldwide; or check EVENTBRITE and search for local events near you!

Receiving Help and Guidance

Most people are new to essential oils and literally have no idea where or how to start which is why its VERY important to join under someone who is ready, willing and able to support you. When you join as a member of my Heaven Scent Oilers Team you’ll find we offer all the information and support you’ll need to help you be successful in YOUR journey, and will be there to walk along side you along the way. We provide you with a New Member User Guide to get you off to a great start.

The Benefits of Heaven Scent Oiler Team Support

If you joined Young Living as a member of my Heaven Scent Oilers Team you joined a family of like minded people. We all LOVE Young Living, can’t imagine our lives without our precious oils and love “SHARING THE LOVE.” As a member of my team you’ll receive LOTS of team support and training. We set you off on the right foot from the very beginning. So if you haven’t started yet, what are you waiting for? Come join us in the journey! Check out this page team tools and training!


New to essential oils?
Come join us in the journey and learn about them here!

Click here to learn how to begin incorporating them into your life!

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