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Young Living vs Other Brands of Oils

young-living-vs-other-brands-of-oilsPrior to Young Living I used to think that essential oils were really nothing more than nice smelling scents. My initial experience with Young Living’s essential oils started back in 2007 and it didn’t take long to change that line of thinking. Gary Young’s initial experience with essential oils was very similar. He had used essential oils before but pushed them aside rather quickly as they never produced consistent, reliable results. Then someone introduced him to what Gary came to term as “therapeutic-grade” essential oils… and it was a game changer.

I stumbled across an article in which the author was talking about trying other oils, saying that they would work just as well but save money. I had to laugh when reading it as it mirrors my initial experience with essential oils. I too thought I could purchase other oils that would be just as effective but at lower prices. What a waste of time and money that was. I’m sure that there may be some oils that are somewhat effective at lower prices but I have neither the time, nor the money to try and figure out which ones. Anyway, like Gary Young, I want oils that support my health and wellness goals, ones that I can depend on to deliver the results I’m looking for on a consistent basis. I want a source of oils that come from plants cultivated, harvested and distilled under OPTIMAL conditions. Oils that are pure, free of harmful synthetic chemicals and additives, ones that provide consistent, reliable results along with the training on how to safely use them. I had to ask myself, why would I settle for “good” oils when I can have the “cream of the crop”, after all we’re talking about using them to support my health and wellness goals here. I also realized rather quickly that I would need help learning how to use them and that the education and training that Young Living offered a newbie like me was invaluable.

I’ve since come to realize that its SEED-TO-SEAL process that gives me the assurance I’m looking for. This process assures me that Young Living’s essential oils will provide consistent, reliable results time after time and it IS what separates them from other companies. Want to know what one of the absolute best things about this whole process is? Anyone and everyone is invited to come to our farms and participate in the whole entire process and experience it first hand. No other essential oil company in the world can offer this and it makes all the difference!

Young Living’s whole Seed-to-Seal process is what makes Young Living the world leader in the cultivation and distillation of pure essential oils. There is no other company in the world doing this. Gary says we don’t have any competitors, we only have imitators. Once you experience them firsthand we’re confident that you’ll soon discover the difference for yourself, just like so many other people and the ever growing list of celebrity’s who have.

Many thanks to Jen O’Sullivan for the many hours invested in gathering and compiling this information, and allowing others to share it.

Should anyone approach you saying that their oils are just as effective but cheaper than Young Living’s oils please do your own research first before deciding. Be sure to check out the following links for a more in-depth look at what it is that makes us so confidant in claiming that Young Living is the World Leader in distilling essential oils. I’m confident that you too will come to the same conclusion as I did. I believe that Young Living essential oils are the absolute best essential oils on the market today… and that they ARE changing lives, one drop at a time!

Twelve Questions To Ask An Essential Oil Company

Testing Standards for Young Living Essential Oils

Come… join us in an oily journey all your own. Connect with me here. I would love to help you get started.



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WARNING– References to the use of essential oils refers SOLELY to Young Living Essential Oils. Before taking oils internally always verify if it’s safe for internal use. Never attempt to use other oils in the same way as it may be dangerous or toxic! Because of their SEED-to-SEAL process Young Living oils are the ONLY ones that I would ever consider ingesting!

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4 Responses to Young Living vs Other Brands of Oils

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  2. Becky Roper says:

    Do you publish a small book about all the essential oils and there purpose.
    Also, do you have recipes, for certain things?

    • Betty I have a New Member User Guide to help everyone who joins Young Living as a member of my team learn how to start using our oils while also providing tips and tricks on how to use them on this website and my Facebook page. Members of my team also have access to a massive collection of training tools along with our group Facebook page where all team members can ask questions and where additional information is shared. Its a really great support system.

      There is an abundance of reference books and reference materials/books available on this subject. I use desk reference books on essential oils and many other helpful books on essential oils. And with the help of the internet anyone can find essential oil information and search for essential oil testimonials and recipes, including PINTEREST pages and YouTube. With that being said caution must be used when determining if the information provided actually applies to Young Living’s oils. You see, because there are 3 different schools of thought or models when using essential oils, unless one knows which model the author is folloiwng the information being provided may be found to be confusing. Here’s why…

      Historically, essential oils have been used by many societies. The model you follow will determine your application focus. Because of our unsurpassed commitment to producing pure, AUTHENTIC, therapeutic-grade oils ALL THREE different models are used by Young Living (English, French, and German):

      English Model: The focus is on using a small amount of essential oil diluted with carrier oil for massage and relaxation techniques.

      French Model: This model uses undiluted oils for topical application, as well as internally with cooking, in tea, in a gel capsule, or added to agave nectar, yacon, honey, or olive oil.

      German Model: The primary use for this model is aromatherapy or diffusion. This method supports balanced emotions.

      NOTE: Be aware that certain aromatherapy information that you run across may be referring to only one of these models and may not support the benefits of the others, thus creating CONFUSION in application methods. So when looking for books and desk reference material on how to use Young Living’s essential oils it’s very important to make sure that you find books and desk reference material that supports all three uses… aromatic, topical and internal.

      Keep in mind that 98% of the essential oils produced in the world are produced by the perfume industry and are NOT meant to be used internally, and sometimes even topically so those warnings should be noted when using ADULTERATED oils! Adulterated oils that are cut with synthetic extenders can be very detrimental, sometimes causing rashes and burning, skin irritations and more; and therefore warnings against their topical application or oral ingestion are stated on the bottle. Petrochemical solvents can all cause allergic reactions, besides being devoid of any beneficial effects. When using Young Living essential oils you can be assured that they are pure, genuine essential oils. For more on this topic check out our SEED-TO-SEAL video which explains our commitment to producing the world’s best essential oils. You’ll find it on the right side of this page.

      Best wishes,

  3. Andrea Alt says:

    I recently went to get a massage and the massage therapist used Young Living Oils however the owner of the spa was a doTerra distributor and was selling doTerra there in her spa. We got to talking and I told her how I had just signed up to be a distributor for Young Living and she wanted to share with me the doTerra because maybe I’d like the doTerra better. However she was very wrong! I love the smell of Young Living! The doTerra smell was weak and not as enjoyable! The main one she had to share that was comparable to what I in my possession was the Peppermint. Young Living’s Peppermint smells more potent and true. doTerra’s Peppermint smelled sweet…more like candy or gum.

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  • WARNING- References to the use of essential oils refers SOLELY to Young Living Essential Oils. Before taking oils internally always verify if it's safe for internal use. Never attempt to use other oils in the same way as it may be dangerous or toxic! Because of their SEED-to-SEAL process Young Living oils are the ONLY ones that I would ever consider ingesting!

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