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Young Living vs Other Brands of Oils

My initial experiences with essential oils started back in 2007, and it didn’t take long for me to learn that compared to Young Living essential oils, other oils were NOT as effective or sometimes not effective AT ALL. I also realized rather quickly that the education and training that Young Living offered a newbie like me was invaluable. Thankfully I came to this conclusion early on and decided to join YL and purchase their products at wholesale prices, and did so for several years prior to actively pursuing as a business earlier this year (2013).

I stumbled across an article the other day in which the author was talking about trying other oils, thinking they would work just as well but save money, and had to laugh when reading it as it mirrors my initial experience with essential oils. I too thought I could purchase other oils that would be just as effective but at lower prices. I’m sure that there may be some oils that are effective but I have neither the time, nor the money to try and figure out which ones. I want a source of oils that provide consistent, reliable results along with the training on how to safely use them. I had to ask myself, why would I settle for “good” oils when I can have the “cream of the crop”, after all we’re talking about my health here. I’ve since come to realize that its Young Living’s whole SEED-TO-SEAL process that separates us from the competition and IS what makes them the best on the market. No other essential oil company comes anywhere close to this, and it makes all the difference in the world! Once you experience them firsthand you’ll soon discover the difference for yourself.

Should anyone approach you saying that their oils are just as effective but cheaper than Young Living’s oils check out this link first before deciding: Twelve Questions To Ask An Essential Oil Company. I’m confident that you too will come to the same conclusion as I did. I believe that Young Living essential oils are the absolute best on the market today… and that they are changing lives one drop at a time!

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2 Responses to Young Living vs Other Brands of Oils

  1. Becky Roper says:

    Do you publish a small book about all the essential oils and there purpose.
    Also, do you have recipes, for certain things?

  2. Andrea Alt says:

    I recently went to get a massage and the massage therapist used Young Living Oils however the owner of the spa was a doTerra distributor and was selling doTerra there in her spa. We got to talking and I told her how I had just signed up to be a distributor for Young Living and she wanted to share with me the doTerra because maybe I’d like the doTerra better. However she was very wrong! I love the smell of Young Living! The doTerra smell was weak and not as enjoyable! The main one she had to share that was comparable to what I in my possession was the Peppermint. Young Living’s Peppermint smells more potent and true. doTerra’s Peppermint smelled sweet…more like candy or gum.

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