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DOROTHY HALL / Owner of:  www.HeavenScentOils4U.com
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“My journey into holistic health practices started years ago, in 1995, well before I had ever heard about essential oils. We had a situation arise in the family that made my maternal instinct, my gut reaction respond “NO WAY!” This is not NORMAL… there has to be a better way, so I started searching for answers. I didn’t know what I was going to do but somehow I KNEW I was going to find it… and find it we did and very successfully I might add. I sought out the services of a licensed, healthcare professional who practiced alternative methods, and so my journey, actually “our” journey began. Thankfully I have to say it has been an amazing journey. Please don’t get me wrong, I am not against traditional medicine. I believe that we need the best of BOTH worlds and should incorporate integrative/holistic practices whenever possible.

My sister and I started our journey with Young Livings Essential Oils in 2007 as we began experiencing for ourselves the amazing benefits of what I consider God’s forgotten gift to mankind… pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils. We’ve both experienced some incredible results over the years and I have to say that I am still WOWED many times, and incredibly thankful that those many years ago I made the conscious decision to seek out and pursue safe, natural, gentle solutions FIRST and take responsibility for educating myself on making lifestyle changes that not only support health but also work towards strengthening our bodies.

I love sharing with others the power that our therapeutic-grade essential oils and oil-enhanced products have had in our life. I’ve seen and experienced the impact it can have in others life’s too and have to say that there’s nothing better in balancing the body, mind and spirit.

I hope you find this website helpful in learning about Young Living Essential Oils and that you will share it with your friends and family. You never know the how simply sharing this site and the information it contains can impact someones life… it could be just the answer they are looking for and end up being a life-changing event. Young Living essential oils… truly heaven sent and nature’s perfect solutions!

DOROTHY HALL /  Member# 965387
Phone: (716)730-0302
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Located in Chautauqua County, New York

Email Me- heavenscentoils4u@yahoo.com

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Meet SOME Members of our Heaven Scent Oilers Team

When joining Young Living Essential Oils it’s important that you sign-up under someone who is ready, willing and able to support you in your journey whether your intentions are to use our products just for personal use or if taking to the business level.

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You’ll find some members of my TEAM listed below with a short bio. If one of my team members directed you to my site, please be sure to use the link provided under their name to sign-up. If you don’t see them listed below please contact them directly. Otherwise please use my link provided above to join and feel free to contact me by phone, or by using the contact form below with any questions you might have.


Member ID# 1434972
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“As a young woman, I thought I would, at one point, pursue a career in nursing, however I didn’t. Throughout my life I have always been interested in various avenues of health and nutrition for my body, as I prefer to use alternative methods as opposed to traditional methods. I have been blessed to have a wonderful sister who also shares a passion for alternative modes of health and wellness. So as the years have gone by we have shared our ideas and passions with one another, one more well versed in an area than the other, but always sharing and learning. Young Living Essential Oils has ignited our passion of sharing with others— therapeutic quality that surpasses all others! Truly God’s gift to us all, we only need empower ourselves with the knowledge of how to use them.”

Phone: (559)760-5281
E-Mail: mdnorris@sti.net
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Located in Oakhurst, CA

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Member ID# 1167889
Wayne Carlsson

Dr. Wayne Carlsson received his Doctorate from New York Chiropractic College in 2001. He has received specialized training in Trigger Point Muscle Therapy as well as a distinguished clinic award for high levels of excellence in areas of diagnosis and patient care. He has practiced in Richmond, VA and Philadelphia, PA. In 2004 he opened Healing Hands Chiropractic, at 60 West Fairmount Ave. Lakewood, NY 14750.

Phone: (716)763-0949
E-Mail: healinghandsdc@excite.com
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Located in Lakewood, NY
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Member ID# 1554630
Vonda Harris

“My journey with Young Living Essential Oils (YLEO’s) began while I was scrolling on Facebook and kept seeing posts about YL’s essential oils and was just curious. So I commented on some and Debbie Norris contacted me through Facebook. We began to chat about different ones, she was so helpful. I thought “Well what have I got to lose!”

Some people poked a little fun at me about them until they tried them and then they liked them too! I love them! I am addicted to them! They have changed my life!

I have been married for 29 years and have 2 grown children. I feel so much better and have so much more energy. I want to be healthy so I can be around a long time to enjoy my grandson on the way and any future grandchildren.

I am kinda a shy person but these oils are so amazing that I feel compelled to share with everyone I meet because I want them to feel great and also reap the benefits that these oils have to offer.

Thank you Debbie for pursuing me about becoming a distributor, it’s the best thing I have ever done for my health!”

Phone: 334-735-2964
E-Mail: vonda@harristire.com
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Located in Brundidge, AL
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Member ID# 1540725
Pamela Wundrow 1.13.15

“I have recently started using Young Living essential oils after seeing them posted on Facebook. My curiosity got the best of me and so I contacted Debbie Norris about them. I was looking to see what YLEO could do for me.

Along with my other teammates we have all experienced the wonders of using YLEO’s. I have even used Joy to uplift my spirits and love the refreshing taste of lemon oil in my tea or water! I purchased the Premium Starter Kit to take advantage of the 11 oils to try which also includes a diffuser. I absolutely LOVE my DIFFUSER!! I have been using the Purification and Thieves during the daytime, and Lavender is wonderful in it at night also.

I invite you to journey into the world of Young Living Essential Oils, naturally without chemicals.”

Phone: 715-415-0078
E-Mail: justthinkoils@yahoo.com
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Located in Ladysmith, WI
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Member ID# 1586984
Jennifer Senn

Essential oils have intrigued me for some time as does a natural approach to healthcare. I became a member of Young Living in December 2013 with great anticipation. My husband and I have incorporated the oils into our daily routine and have been quite pleased. We also use several other items in their product line like the multi-vitamins, toothpaste and NingXia Red.

If you are new to our team website take a look under each tab or use the SEARCH box for your topic of interest. And as always you may contact me via phone or email for one-on-one discussion. Our HeavenScentOils4U team offers great support in learning all about Young Living and their amazing products.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

Phone: 334-492-2776
E-Mail: jsenn@troycable.net
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Located in Troy, AL
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Member ID# 1708294
Lisa WheelerI have been using Young Living Essential Oils for two years now and would love to help anyone along their journey into these life changing oils! Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have and I will be glad to help you any way I can!”

Phone: 334-220-7765
E-Mail: lisa@harristire.com
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Troy, AL
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Member ID# 1563368

I am passionate about sharing my love of Young Living’s essential oils with others because of what they have done for me, my family and many of my friends. We use them each and every day and know that you would benefit from using them too. Connect with me and let me help get you started on your own journey into the world of Young Living essential oils.

Phone: 716-864-9110
E-Mail: craftylv@rochester.rr.com
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Located in Marilla, NY
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Member ID# 1889486
margie williams

I am new to essential oils, and although I have only been using them since April 2014, I’m very excited about the results my husband and I have already experienced and in such a short time!!! What a God-send these oils are! It’s almost hard to believe the vitality I feel since I started using YLEO’s!

Come join us on the journey… you won’t regret it!

Phone: 714-625-6306
E-Mail: margie4god@gmail.com
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Located in Coarsegold, CA
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Member ID# 2013959

Although I was introduced to holistic health practices over 20 years ago, I was introduced to the oils about 4-5 years ago. I didn’t do much with them at first and they sat on a shelf as decoration. After some push from my mom (and after having my first son), I finally decided to finally give the oils a try. Wow. Just wow! I was hooked and haven’t looked back since! I am so grateful for my team and these wonderful gems. They are a staple in my home and we always turn to them for anything and everything! I hope you will have an open mind and give the essential oils a try! They are truly gifts from above.

Phone: 716-421-4163
E-Mail: heatherbray618@yahoo.com
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Located in Marilla, NY
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Member ID# 1708294

mary catherine simms3“I have always leaned towards using natural and chemical-free products on and in my body. In March of 2014 I reached out to Debbie Norris online, after researching essential oils & deciding that I wanted to go with Young Living because of their Seed To Seal promise. My research told me that they had the best, purest, most AUTHENTIC essential oils available and believed that they would support my health and wellness goals. I am so glad that my decision to go with Young Living was the right choice. I love these oils and never want to be without them! They truly are God’s gift to us all, we just need to educate ourselves on their use.”

Phone: 815-399-8434
If unable to connect with me please contact Debbie Norris (she is my Sponsor and can answer all your questions)
E-Mail: teddy.2012@yahoo.com

Located in Rockford, IL
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