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SCIATICA: Overnight Pain Relief with Essential Oils

Slide1I woke up the other morning pleasantly surprised when I realized that I had received overnight relief by using essential oils for my sciatica pain which had begun to flare up after spending too much time sitting in the car the previous day. So thankful for yet another positive experience directly attributed to the use of essential oils.

I’ve found that the quicker you jump on issues the easier they are to alleviate. But more importantly, I’ve noticed that the oils work much better when I actually APPLY them instead of just letting them sit in the drawer. Can anyone relate with that? Don’t be too hard on yourself especially if you’re new to essential oils as it takes awhile to break old habits and to change your paradigm of thinking from traditional medicine cabinet to THINK OILS FIRST! Past experience has taught me to act quickly when I FIRST notice symptoms, and not let them progress any further without taking proactive measures.

Overnight Pain Relief with Essential Oils
On the ride home I kept shifting in my seat… back and forth, side to side, even leaning the car seat back attempting to find a comfortable position. I began thinking of what I was going to do… take a bath and then apply the oils. The bath I knew, would help relax the muscles and enhance the oils therapeutic benefits. When I got home I drew the bath water and added approximately one cup of my EPSOM SALTS DETOX BATH MIXTURE to my bath water and soaked in the tub for a good 40 minutes or so. The mixture is made up of Epsom salt, dead sea salts, baking soda, and essential oils. This particular blend contains lavender, frankincense, and Citrus Fresh blend. After using the V-6 Vegetable Complex Oil I had my husband “layer” the oils with starting with basil, then clove, and finishing with copaiba. By “layer” I mean applying one oil at a time and massaging in before applying the next oil. Basil and clove are both known to be good for nerve pain and bring warmth to the tissues, while copaiba enhances the effects of other oils. Within minutes I could feel their warmth and the room filled with their wonderful scent.

Fortunately because I got total relief overnight I did not need to reapply however if I would’ve still had pain the following morning, I would have continued reapplying a couple of drops of each oil, as before, every 15-20 minutes for the first hour; and then every couple of hours thereafter until the pain was gone.

There are many different oils that have brought relief to those suffering with sciatica pain and you can read some of their testimonials below. If you find one that resonates with you but don’t have all the oils then just use what you have. It’s been my experience that they seem to now what needs to be done and go and do it anyway… in spite of not having all the “right” ones. My experience is just one of many. Everyone is unique and what works for one may not work for another. So if needed, I suggest that you keep trying different oils, or combination of oils until you find what works for YOU! Be persistent, be tenacious, and don’t give up until you get relief.

Do YOU have your own SCIATICA essential oil story to tell? If so, please share it here so others too can benefit from your experience. We are all on this essential oil journey together and everytime someone shares their experience, EVERYONE BENEFITS! Tell your story and help “Share The LOVE” as I like to call it!


Idaho Balsam Fir and PanAway Essential Oils
“My friend has had strong sciatic pain in her right hip and leg for 14 years. She used Idaho Balsam Fir and PanAway on the pain site and down the leg, and has been pain-free to fall asleep each night.”- Miriam Saxton

Inflammation Of The Sciatic Nerve
“Recently I had a severe sciatica condition on my right side. I put 3 drops of valerian and 3 drops of lemon-myrtle on the reflexology points on the heel of my feet. Within 10 minutes I noticed some relief.

The next morning the sciatica issue was completely cleared up. Since then, I have not had a reoccurence of the problem.”- Isabelle Baillie

Instant Back Relief From Sciatica Nerve Discomfort
“My husband was working in the yard and that night had back pain. We assumed it was just a muscle ache. When it continued for two days nonstop and the pain kept getting worse and worse, he was in agony, we went to the doctors.

They diagnosed inflammation of his sciatica (nerve root ends) and gave him hydrocodone & diclofenac. The only thing these did was help him sleep; they did not help the pain.
After a week we went back to the doctor and they gave him a refill and a shot of morphine. The morphine eased the pain for a couple hours, before evening the constant pain was back. We were desperate at this point, nothing was helping prescription or over the counter.

I had heard about the Essential Oils from a friend so I called her. With a few oils that come in the basic Starter Kit and a bottle of Idaho Balsam Fir his sciatica completely calmed. Just a couple drops of Valor , balsam fir, PanAway and lavender completely eased it, I mean COMPLETELY, no pain at all. We were amazed.

Each time it started to ache over the next couple days I applied the oils, then we noticed he needed them less and less. Within a week he was back to normal, the sciatica had calmed. We continued to apply the oils first thing in the morning and at bed time as a precaution for a few days but he did not have a recurrence, he was pain free.

Now occasionally when it flares we just apply a couple drops of the oils and the pain is eased instantly. If he is going to be doing a lot of walking or yard work we don’t wait for the sciatica to become inflamed or irritated, we put the oils on before as a precaution.”- Sandra Ingalls

Sciatica Down The Back Of My Right Leg
“I have had severe pain shooting down the back of my right leg due to pressure on my sciatic nerve. I looked up sciatica on the vita flex chart. I put two drops of Valor on both heels and used pressure. I instantly felt relief. It came back later that night. I did it again and it worked again! Try it, it really works!!- Kim Foster

Sciatica Pain Gone
“I am elated to share that after being in debilitating pain for 22 months from a snow skiing accident in Feb. 2008, my sciatica on my right buttock, pinched nerve in the calf of my right leg and low back pain are gone completely with the help of many oils.

I spent 22 months unemployed, unable to walk, unable to function, in a wheel chair off and on, depressed and frustrated. I tried all sorts of physical therapy for 1 year but nothing worked. I refused the steroid shot knowing the adverse side effects.

I started using oils on August 24, 2009. I applied Cistus, PanAway, Peppermint, and Valor on my spine, right buttock and the calf of my right leg, where the pain was. The first month did not produce any results.

The second month I added Lemongrass, Frankincense, Lavendar and Peace & Calming. Still no results.

The third month I added Idaho Balsam Fir and Copaiba. Still no results.

In November I read about Clove oil. A person had applied it on her right calf for her pain. I thought, “that is where my pain is” so I bought Clove and applied it for a month. Still no results. Remember, all these months, I still layered all these oils day and night no matter how disappointed I was to not receive the results I expected. I never gave up although I wanted to at times.

Dec. 18, 2009 I read Mary Lou’s testimonial. She used clove on her back for her sciatica and woke up the next day pain free. I immediately started clove on my back, sciatica AND my calf and on Dec. 23, 2009, for the first time in 22 months I awoke totally out of pain. I never told anyone for a week because I was so shocked and elated. On Jan. 5, 2010, day 14 of being pain free, I shared my story with Jacqui Close and Mary Lou. I was told by Jacqui (who had sciatica for 20 years that went away with oils) to “hang in there and one day I would wake up and be pain free”. I didn’t believe it then but I believe it now.

I am totally pain free and looking forward to getting back up on the ski slope next month.

It was all worth waiting for and I am deeply grateful to have my life back and to be functioning again.”- Gloria Frank

Had Sciatica For Nearly 20 Years
“I had sciatica for almost 20 years and was told I would just have to learn to live with the excruciating pain that accompanies this physical challenge. My siatica has been eliminated by using Cistus, Peppermint, Valor and PanAway.

That does not preclude or diminish the benefits of seeing a good Chiropractor and a good massage therapist, or getting help from Raindrop Technique. But when I needed immediate relief in order to be mobile enough to make use of that help, I had to do something to reduce the pain, and these oils were miracles for me.

I used to go to a Chiropractor 2-3 times a week. I did that for many years. There were times when I had to go in a wheelchair. There were times when it took me 10 minutes to get from my car to the waiting room, even with the aide of my husband. None of that changed until I started using Young Living’s oils. Now I see the chiropractor once every couple of months.

I haven’t had sciatic problems for years. Pain free mobility was restored through God’s grace manifest in these wonderful oils. I was an adamant skeptic, but I gave the oils a chance and they proved themselves. I know the oils work.

May you also experience the miracle of healing they offer and get started on your return to perfect health, which God intended for each of us from the beginning of creation.”- Jacquelyn Close


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