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Procrastination… You’re History!

Ever feel overwhelmed or just not in the mood to deal with something? Do you find yourself putting off things that you really hate to do? Are you an avoider, a procrastinator and ready for a change?
procrastination you're history

If we’re honest with ourselves I think each of us deals with this at some point in our life. One of the best ways to support a normal, healthy attitude and prepare to move forward in positive ways is to combine the use of essential oils with what I like to call “intentional thinking”. You may be asking yourself at this point… “What in the world is she talking about? What in the world is ‘intentional thinking’? It is a very simple technique and you can learn more about this topic and how to do it here!. I like to think of it as a way to combine meditation, visualization and prayer in order to positively impact our emotional well-being. When we do that it makes sense that the results obtained can’t help but pour over into all other areas of our life as well.

Therapeutic-grade essential oils are SO MUCH MORE than just nice-smelling scents. They contain anywhere from 70-300+ chemical compounds which are known to affect the body, mind and spirit in many powerful and amazing ways. Gary Young has this to say about essential oils.

“Essential oils are the greatest connecting force that God has created on this planet.”
“They are taken from the plants that God created himself for the nurturing of His children.”
“They also elevate your consciousness to connect with a higher spiritual realm.”

I happen to agree with Gary and know that essential oils, when combined with prayer, meditation and/or visualization can become a very powerful tool in our life.

Intensive inhalation of essential oils can be experienced a couple of different ways. My absolute favorite is using our Aroma Dome tenting system. This tenting system allows you to lay down and relax, in a calm environment, while diffusing and inhaling your choice of oils in a enclosed environment. It provides you with a way to experience the intensive inhalation of Young Living therapeutic-grade essential oils which optimizes and enhances their effects.

How To Do The Whole Process

For procrastination I like to use intensive inhalation of these three Young Living oils, in this order… Motivation™, Transformation™, and Palo Santo in conjunction with intentional thinking, and will also add music therapy to the mix but more on that below!

For the Aroma Dome, I begin with Motivation first diffusing for 2-3 minutes and continue inhalation for another 5 minutes or so before moving onto Transformation. Then I repeat in the same manner and finish with Palo Santo.

If you don’t happen to have an Aroma Dome tent (Item #5073) try substituting either of these two methods instead:

1- Take a large bath towel and make a temporary tent by placing it over your head
2- Add the oils to 3 separate nasal inhalers instead

Using your nasal inhalers or your makeshift tenting system begin the inhalation process while practicing “intentional thinking”. Begin with Motivation™ and inhale for 2-3 minutes. Replace the cap on the bottle and continue to inhale while remaining under the tent for another 5 minutes or so. Repeat the process with Transformation™, and end with Palo Santo. With the nasal inhalers, since you’re not under a “tent” per say just continue to use the nasal inhaler to inhale for the full 7-8 minutes before switching to the next oil.

Whether you are using the Aroma Dome, the nasal inhalers, or a bath towel BE SURE to further optimize this experience by using intentional thinking (aka- meditation, or visualization). If you didn’t click on the link above then be sure to do so now. Anyone who is familiar with meditation and visualization knows from experience that it is possible to change your thought processes over time. The use of essential oils just bumps up the whole process to a whole new level.

Optimize the Process Even Further

You can further optimize this ENTIRE EXPERIENCE by playing some relaxing music during this process. Music can affect us on the physical and emotional level in profound ways so I’m very careful about the music that I choose to listen to during this time. I don’t just listen to any music during this time. I prefer to use what I call healing music therapy. My favorite music to use during these sessions is from Wholetones, The Healing Frequency Music Project created by renowned musician, author, and speaker Michael S. Tyrrell. And for this particular process I like to listen to his song entitled… “The Key of David”. Recorded at 444Hz this song has multiple health benefits and helps to establish peace amid chaos. I enjoy listening to this one when I’m feeling overwhelmed and anxious.

From the Wholetones website…

“…throughout our entire history, music has had the power to transform us spiritually and physically.”

“Music is the universal language of mankind.”

“Now we’re discovering what the ancients have known for millennia – music also has the power to heal.”


Let the diffusing and inhaling begin!

“All things are possible for one who believes.” Mark 9:22

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