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Man’s First Use of Essential Oils?

Ancient writings, traditions, and historical records dating back to 4500 B.C. confirm man’s first use of essential oils and aromatics. Early historical records and writings record the use of aromatics as the evidence clearly suggests that the use of aromatic substances made from barks, resins, spices, and aromatic vinegars, wines, and beers were common place. It appears that the people from our ancient past had a greater understanding of the effectiveness and power of essential oils than we have today although the tide is turning as more and more research is being conducted on essential oils.

According to my main resource reference book on essential oils… “The Eygptians were masters in using essential oils and other aromatics in the embalming process. Historical records describe how one of the founders of “pharonic” medicine was the architect Imhotep, who was the Grand Vizler of King Djoser (2780 – 2720 BC). Imhotep is often given credit for ushering in the use of oils, herbs, and aromatic plants…”. “In addition, the Egyptians may have been the first to discover the potential of fragrance. They created various aromatic blends for both personal use and religious ceremonies.”

This historical record is well known and accepted however what you are probably not aware of is this…
Compelling evidence has accumulated to suggest that Joseph (Patriarch of the Bible), and Imhotep (Founder of Egyptian Medicine and second in command to Pharoah) are one in the same person! That’s correct… there is compelling evidence to suggest that the Joseph of the bible is the same person as Imhotep, thus making him (Imhotep/Joseph) the one who ushered in the use of essential oils in Egyptian life. I believe that you may agree after reading this article.

egyptian eo masters

Essential oils were an important part of the lives of Biblical peoples from Genesis to Revelation. The revelation of this information only serves to confirm in my mind, and what many others believe, that essential oils and herbs are God’s gift to mankind.

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