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Human Body Systems and How To Support Them

Knowledge in and of itself isn’t power, it’s only when you take action based upon your knowledge that it becomes a useful tool. Learn more about the various human body systems, what they are, how to support them, and why it matters. The more knowledge or education you have on a particular subject matter, in this case the human body and it’s systems, and how to support them, the more opportunities to make better, informed decisions… and THAT can be a powerful tool in the hands of those willing to incorporate what they’ve learned into their everyday lifestyle!

knowledge is power

The human body is very complex. All of it’s body systems are dependent on one another to function properly. It’s capable of storing and processing enormous quantities of information at lightning speed. It is wired to adapt to its surroundings quite well and does its best to continue performing is duties no matter what! This ability is referred to as maintaining homeostasis and is truly amazing. However, at some point it will succumb to outside and internal stressors. Whether it is extreme outdoor or internal temperatures, or drugs, alcohol, and other toxins, improper diet, lack of sleep, or even prolonged stress, over time these can lead to an imbalance and affect homeostatis. An over abundance of any of these over time will take its toll and will make it more difficult for it to maintain homeostasis.

If you want your body to operate at optimum levels then it’s important to create an environment and a diet that nourishes and feeds the body, and also removing as many toxins as possible, reducing stress, limiting your use of drugs and alcohol, and getting enough sleep. It’s constantly rebuilding and replacing cells but needs the right environment to do so with optimum results. Doing all of this can help us create a better environment that support your body’s natural functions, which can provide us with a better sense of health.

Although there is some controversy about how often the human body cells regenerate, they do regenerate, as the image below shows.
Body Regeneration Schedule


Its common knowledge that vitamins, minerals, and herbs help support and effectively maintain your health and wellness. However, if you are new to essential oils you may not be aware that pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils can also help offer nutritional support!

Essential oils are the life-blood of the plant, or basically, the immune system of the plant. One of the things they do for the plant is to carry oxygen and nutrients into the cells. They are “essential” to the plant – without them, plants could not survive.

The human body and essential oils have a shared chemistry- both contain three primary elements- carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. Because of this shared chemistry, their lipid-soluable structure, and the fact that they have a protein-like structure similar to human cells and tissues, it makes them extremely compatible with the human body. There are approximately 40 million trillion molecules in one drop of essential oil – that’s approximately 40,000 molecules for each cell in the average human body. Research shows that essential oils when applied to skin will penetrate every single cell within 20 minutes. To my knowledge, there is no better delivery agent. This helps explains, when used properly, why essential oils deliver such amazing results and without harmful side-effects. In ancient times essential oils were considered more valuable than gold, and some would argue that holds true even today!

Young Living’s essential oils are pure, genuine, therapeutic-grade oils free of synthetic chemicals and, depending on the oil, can be used topically, aromatically and/or ingested. Their whole Seed-To-Seal process assures me that because of their untiring pursuit of product purity and potency, our essential oils and oil-infused products are the best nature has to offer and can help support your efforts in living a life of optimal heath and wellness, and can help maximize those efforts. They are the ONLY oils that I would EVER consider ingesting because of this.


I was on-line the other day and saw someone refer to essential oils as “snake-oils”… clearly that person is totally ignorant of the facts when it comes to pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils. We’re not talking about the synthetic, chemically-processed, so-called essential oils found in your local store or online. Those are really nothing more than nice smelling scents. We’re talking about pure, genuine UNADULTERATED essential oils here folks. There are literally tens of thousands of published, peer-reviewed, scientific research studies on essential oils. Only someone who is uninformed, and/or choosing to keep their head in the sand would ever make a comment like that.


I encourage you to visit InnerBody.com- It’s a powerful, innovative website. Learn about the inner workings of the human body, and explore it like never before! It offers hundreds of 2D and 3D interactive anatomy pictures and descriptions, and provides you with detailed but easy to understand information on the human body. Your knowledge of its inner workings will better equip you to support it. Be sure to save this as a favorite so that you can refer to it over and over again.

Here’s to your health, and let the oiling begin!


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