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MEMBERSHIP OPTIONS- Wholesale Membership

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In order to purchase at WHOLESALE prices and save a minimum of 24%, you must register with Young Living as a MEMBER but you DO NOT, let me repeat YOU DO NOT have to operate your wholesale membership as a business, or stock any product. This is actually the option that I chose years ago when first starting to use the products. I wanted to take advantage of wholesale pricing and earn free product, and did so for years, that is until I decided to use my membership to build my own home-based business by simply sharing with others how essential oils have changed our lives.

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  • SAVE 24% on every order… plus a whole lot more!
  • Join YLEO’s by purchasing one of our STARTER KITS
  • Use your lifetime membership to purchase for yourself and/or friends and family at WHOLESALE prices (restrictions apply)
  • Save even more (10% / 15% / 20%) with our ESSENTIAL REWARDS PROGRAM
  • Earn free product each month by taking advantage of our MONTHLY PROMO’s
  • Use your lifetime membership to build your own home based business, or NOT…it’s totally up to you!
  • No Obligation to Sell or Distribute Products
  • No Monthly Obligation to Purchase Products
  • Cancel at any time


In order to give you the ultimate essential oil experience Young Living has prepared various starter kits for wholesale members. The Premium Starter Kits that come with essential oils give you your choice of diffuser, the… HOME, DEWDROP, RAINSTONE or ARIA. We have two other kits that feature exclusive Young Living products… the Thieves® Starter Kit and our NingXia Red® Stater Kit, and for a limited time (Feb 1st – March 13th 2017) a SLIQUE Premium Starter Kit (for weight management). Hands down, if you’re serious about giving essential oils a try and living a more natural lifestyle then I recommend starting with one of our Premium Starter Kits so you can start experiencing the power of pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils.


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    Considering that the wholesale cost of the Home or Dewdrop diffusers alone is $63.75 this kit of 11 oils is an extraordinary value, plus with your wholesale membership you’ll save an additional 24% off all future orders.


        We are proud to support military personnel and are excited to offer a Military Premium Starter Kit (not shown above), designed to be easily shipped around the world to those serving both at home and abroad. For details on this kit

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Price Per Drop HSO4U vitality


Watch this video on the ordering process and read the
“Wholesale Membership Ordering Process Explained” below it before proceeding!






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congratulations let the journey begin

Your decision to purchase Young Living Essential Oils may be one of the smartest decisions you have ever made. When joining Young Living with me, or any member of my of our HEAVEN SCENT OILER TEAM you should receive this printable 20-page document automatically from the person who sponsored you. It contains everything you need to get started off on the right foot, leading towards a path of success. This guide will not only help teach you how to begin using the oils, but also it is loaded with other convenient tips and information. It includes important CONTACT INFORMATION, SAFETY GUIDELINES, a HOW TO USE section, and much more. If you don’t receive this guide within the first 10 days of enrollment please contact me or the Heaven Scent Oiler Team Member that directed you to this page to request your copy or use the contact section below to send me a request, making sure that you supply me with your name and YL Member ID# so I can verify your membership.

We believe that you’ll find this an invaluable tool, one which you will refer back to, time after time. For ease of reading, you might like to print it out so you can enjoy it away from the computer.


As a wholesale MEMBER you have the option to build a business, or not, it’s totally up to you. Many people are so pleased with the products, they tell friends and family who then want to order then too. If you decide to do that, and remember you do not have to, it’s up to you, when referring people just give people your Member ID#. Young Living is a referral based company so you don’t need to stock products. As a wholesale Member, Young Living pays you on all the sales from all the people you refer. Many people don’t necessarily want to build a business but like being able to make enough from referrals just to pay for their own use of products.

In order to receive the bonus payments for these referrals you must order at least 50 PV (point value) in the same month that they join. To receive on-going earned residual commission you must be ordering at least 100 PV per month. For more details on this click here!


Everyone who joins Young Living with the intent of being a wholesale Member ALWAYS has the OPTION of turning their membership into a business, OR NOT… it’s totally up to you! You may choose to use your membership to help pay for your product usage and/or earn extra income! Either way you can do so at any point. If considering this option when joining then you’ll want to check out this page about the many benefits of joining Young Living as a member of my team. If you decide you really just don’t want to be bothered you can always just refer people to me, or the person that signed you up, and we’ll help guide and support them along the way and get them started.

If pursuing it as a business then I encourage you purchase one of the PREMIUM STARTER KITS as you’ll want to immediately start experimenting with the oils and/or products and benefiting from them yourself personally, so you can start sharing with family and friends the impact that our products are having in your life. It won’t be long before you start experiencing the power of using therapeutic-grade essential oils and reaping the benefits… one of the things I love about our products is that they “sell” themselves just by word of mouth.

So whether you’re interested in using Young Living’s natural health products for your own personal use or earning extra income, there’s a place in the Young Living community for you.

Before getting started remember . . .
With the wholesale MEMBERSHIP you will receive a 24% discount off all your purchases and will have the OPTION to build a business… or NOT! It’s totally up to YOU.

NO pressure! NO gimmicks! NO stress!


Me, and my team of Heaven Scent Oilers, are ready, willing and able to guide and support you in your essential oil journey. We want to help YOU be successful in using our products so that you too can begin experiencing all the benefits they have to offer.

Come join US in your essential oil journey, and start experiencing for yourself how they can help YOU…

Feel more energized!
Have younger looking skin!
Support your weight management goals!
Support a healthy immune response!
…and so much more!


RETURN TO YOUNG LIVING and Reactivate Your Account!

Did you let your Young Living Membership go inactive?
Has it been more than a year since you placed an order with Young Living Essential Oils?
Are you ready to begin your essential oil journey all over again and transform YOUR life?
Are you ready to get serious about learning how to use the oils that came in your kit and reactivate your account?

If you answered YES to any of those questions then you’ve come to the right place. If you like what you see here and want me, or a member of my team, to help guide and direct you along the way then just call Young Livings Customer Care at 1.800.371.3515 and give them my ID# 965387, or that of the Heaven Scent Oiler Team member that referred you to this page. People often ask me… “Do essential oils REALLY work?” Only if you use them, reply all of us who have!

Come join US in your essential oil journey, and start experiencing for yourself how they can help YOU…
Feel more energized!
Have younger looking skin!
Support your weight management goals!
Support a healthy immune response!
…and so much more!


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