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Users Guide- YLEO’s Essential Oils


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This guide provides information about how to use Young Living essential oils, including a handy chart.


Each single essential oil and essential oil blend sold by Young Living is categorized into three areas: topical application, dietary supplement (internal consumption), and aromatic (inhalation). Categorization of each oil is based upon well-documented, scientific information, as well as literature from respected experts in essential oils however due to current FDA regulations (2015) we are no longer permitted to list multiple application methods, and have had to choose only one method per oil product. This information is intended to guide you in essential oil use however, qualified practitioners may offer additional guidance and provide you with additional, specific directions on how to safely use essential oils as would the use of a good reference guide that practices all three methods of application.


One must be careful when looking for information online, or using reference material on essential oils. Why you may ask? Because there are 3 DIFFERENT ESSENTIAL OIL MODELS- English, French, German on the proper way to use essential oils and depending on what method or school of thought their approach comes from you’ll get 3 different answers. Because Young Living oils are pure, genuine and not adulterated we practice all three methods. Eventually you will run across someone warning you to never ingest essential oils… it’s because of the model they follow and the types of essential oils they use. It’s very important to educate yourself on this topic. It will make a HUGE difference in the way that you approach and use Young Living’s essential oils.


Historically, essential oils have been used by many societies. The model you follow will determine your application focus. Because of our unsurpassed commitment to producing pure, AUTHENTIC, therapeutic-grade oils ALL THREE different models are used by Young Living (English, French, and German):

The use of each single essential oil and oil blend sold by Young Living is categorized into three areas: topical application, dietary supplement (internal consumption), and aromatic (inhalation). Please refer to a qualified practitioner or be sure you are using a good reference guide that practices all three methods of application for additional, specific directions on how to safely use essential oils.

English Model: The focus is on using a small amount of essential oil diluted with carrier oil for massage and relaxation techniques. Typically only 1-5% essential oil is dissolved in a fatty base oil and because of this has an expiration date, or shelf life. Because the fatty oil can go rancid British aromatherapists recommend replacing your essential oils every 6 months.

French Model: This model uses undiluted oils for topical application, as well as internally with cooking, in tea, in a gel capsule, or added to agave nectar, yacon, honey, or olive oil.

German Model: The primary use for this model is aromatherapy or diffusion. This method supports balanced emotions.

NOTE: Be aware that certain aromatherapy information that you run across may be referring to only one of these models and may not support the benefits of the others, thus creating CONFUSION in application methods. It is best to communicate any concerns with someone who is experienced in all three models, and/or refer to an essential oil desk reference that uses all three methods.

Keep in mind that 98% of the essential oils produced in the world are produced by the perfume industry and are NOT meant to be used internally, and sometimes even topically!


Johnson S, Boren K. (Aromatopia. 2013 Jul; 22(4):43-48)

According to an article published in “Aromatopia” in July of 2013 by Johnson & Boren entitled “Topical and oral administration of essential oils—safety issues”-

“Multiple aromatherapy models exist, both advocating and discouraging neat topical and oral administration of essential oils. Recently, attention to these safety issues has expanded as a growing number of health care professionals and individuals adopt aromatherapy as an adjunct therapeutic practice. The safety issues of neat, topical, and oral administration are discussed, including the available scientific data and corroborating evidence. Based on historical usage, available scientific data, the FDA GRAS list, The German Commission E approval, and the balancing effect of total compounds in essential oils it is our opinion that a wide variety of essential oils are safe to administer orally and apply neat topically without harm to the human organism, when a pure essential oil is used!”



“With so much (mis)information being spread across the Internet, how do you know what to believe? Listen to this short interview I did with Dr. David Stewart, as he explains what he knows about ingesting essential oils.”– Jihan Thomas

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  10. AWESOME find, sis! I so admire his books that he has authored and refer to them both often. And as one with a degree in chemistry and math, I trust his knowledge of such re: YLEO’s. And to know he is a man of faith and understands the Biblical nature of pure therapeutic grade oils makes his knowledge all the more pertinent and valuable to me on my oils journey! Great info shared by him in this short video!! There is a God-given synergy to the oils of the plants that God gave us—-take away a component of that oil and you disrupt that synergy and the single component on its own takes on a disrupted nature. Thanks for sharing this!

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