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There’s Never Been A Better Time to Host a Class

Whether you’re new to essential oils or are already using our amazing THERAPEUTIC-GRADE oils there’s never been a better time to host a class with your friends and family.

Some of you may be new to essential oils and and found yourself wondering ‘What’s all the buzz about?’ You may have read about them recently on PINTEREST, or heard about them while on You Tube, or Facebook. Did you know that essential oils are the HOTTEST new trend? Well, actually they’re not new at all… in fact, they’ve been around for millennia and were used by many ancient cultures around the world. In ancient times it is said that they were more valuable than gold, and for good reason. Would you like to know why? Because they WORK!

So, what ARE essential oils? In a nutshell, they are the subtle, aromatic and volatile liquids extracted from the flowers, seeds, leaves, stems, bark and roots of herbs, bushes, shrubs, and trees, through distillation. Many refer to essential oils as “nature’s living energy”. Essential oils are not simple substances but bio-chemically speaking, essential oils are extremely complex containing anywhere from 80 to 300 or more different chemical constituents. Many of these constituents are found in minute quantities but work together synergistically to contribute to their therapeutic actions to some degree. Just by putting them on the skin, or inhaling them, one is able to trigger responses both physically and emotionally. All of that – from just one “sniff” or application. Being highly concentrated, they’re 50 to 70 times more therapeutically potent than the herbs or plants they are derived from. However, we’re not talking about the oils you find at your local grocery store, health food store or even on-line. There is a VAST difference between those and Young Living’s therapeutic-grade essential oils. Most of those oils are considered “perfume grade” and are really nothing more than nice smelling scents.

Would you like to learn more about essential oils, what they are, how to begin using them and experience them for yourself? Good… then I would encourage you to host a DISCOVER ESSENTIAL OILS class or at least attend one.
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During a Discover Essential Oils Class you’ll learn about essential oils, what they are, where they come from, and how to use them. Young Living has put together various Premium Starter Kits to make it easy for anyone to begin using them and experience for themselves their amazing benefits. During the class you’ll get to experience the oils in our Premium Starter Kits. Among its contents is your choice of diffuser and a collection of 11 different oils… some of our most popular oils, ones used for everyday situations! Oh yeah, and it’s incredibly priced and an AMAZING value! Its one of the best investments you’ll ever make.

In this class you’ll not only learn about them and how to use them but also be able to experience some of them firsthand. Please CONTACT ME, or the Heaven Scent Team Member that sent you to this page. Let us know that you’re interested in hosting a class and we’ll help you get started.

Young Living Essential Oils is a 20+ years old company and are the ones primarily responsible for the upsurge of interest in essential oils over the last two decades. Our whole SEED-TO-SEAL process sets us apart from the competition and is what makes us the world leader in therapeutic-grade essential oils. No other company goes to the same lengths to produce the best, highest quality, therapeutic-grade essential oils. Other companies are always comparing themselves to Young Living. That’s because we’ve set the standard that everyone else is trying to reach.

YLEO- Not just another essential oil company

I hope your interest has been piqued! Young Living’s therapeutic-grade essential oils are SO incredible I know that I never want to live without them, and many others feel the same way. We’re currently experiencing phenomenal growth… because our oils WORK! Because of our SEED to SEAL process you can rely on them to provide consistent, reliable results. Many people find that once they start using them they wish that they’d begun years ago. I’m certain that once you give them a serious try you’ll be asking yourself the same question.

Still not sure? That’s okay! I know until you’ve experienced them for yourself it’s hard to believe that tiny drop or two of essential oil could be more than just nice smelling scents. Or, you may be one of those who experimented in the past with other brands of essential oils but were less than thrilled with the results. Take a little time and check out the ARTICLES tab, along with the EO INFO & USES tab above. And begin to do your own research… just try searching for “essential oil research” and educate yourself on the all the published research papers available on essential oils. I believe after educating yourself a little all the doubts will begin to fade away… and with good cause.

When you’re ready to proceed click here to contact me, or here to find a Heaven Scent Oiler Team Member in your area, and let us know that you’d like to host your own class with family and friends.


When you decide to host a class with me or one of my Heaven Scent Oiler team members, we’ll send you special invitation to use to invite your friends and family. You can either print it out or e-mail it to them. Hopefully it will peak their interest, they’ll do a little research and want to come to your class. Actually, they may end up begging to come to your class.

you PLUS 3 = free  without INTRO CLASS

With the purchase of a Premium Starter Kit you become a wholesale member. The kit comes with 11 different 5ml bottles, your choice of diffuser and a bunch of other stuff including a Product Guide. Everything in the kit makes it easy to not only begin using the oils but to begin sharing with others your new found love of therapeutic-grade essential oils.

With a wholesale membership, when you host a DISCOVER ESSENTIAL OILS Class and have at least 3 people also enroll under you with one of our Premium Starter Kits, you will earn enough in bonuses to make your kit almost FREE. Once you start using the oils and experience their powerful benefits for yourself it’s only natural to share this news with your family and friends and we’ve made it easy to do so. More than likely, they too will want to begin using them.

It’s simple to keep your wholesale membership active- all you need to do is to purchase 50PV (point value = appx. $50) per YEAR… this equals bout 1-2 bottles of oil. Easy as pie!

So we invite you to DISCOVER ESSENTIAL OILS… host a class and start SHARING THE LOVE, as we like to call it. It creates an endless ripple effect and is changing lives around the world! And we’re here to help you every step of the way. Ask me, or your Heaven Scent Oiler Team Member for details!

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