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Dangers of Synthetic Fragrances

warning-many-everyday-productsMost people are totally unaware of the dangers that synthetic fragrances pose to our health or how many times we’re exposed to them on a daily basis. Chemical fragrance is really nothing more than a conglomeration of man-made chemicals, many of them very toxic and found to cause many health problems including cancer.

Fragrance is found in all kinds of everyday products… scented candles, air fresheners (both plug-in and spray cans), hand sanitizers, laundry detergent, fabric softeners, dryer sheets, household cleaning products, personal care products to include shampoos, deodorant, body washes, and cosmetics. Even in your favorite perfumes and colognes. The list literally goes on and on. If a product has a fragrance chances are its from a toxic soup of chemicals. We are constantly exposed to them and they can be found literally everywhere- in our homes, cars, schools, office buildings, stores, malls, etc. In fact, it’s hard to think of a place where they can’t be found. We are being bombarded by multiple exposures to toxic, synthetic chemicals each and every day. Toxic chemicals are everywhere– in our food, in our homes which includes not only personal care products but also our clothing, furniture, carpeting, and yes even toys… and they have a cumulative, detrimental affect our health and immune systems.

Are you aware that our “skin” is the body’s largest organ? That means that anything that you put ON your gets absorbed into the body… which is why I never want to put something ON my body that I can’t also put IN my body.
Many people believe erroneously that products that contain toxic chemicals wouldn’t be allowed to be sold to us. That our government regulatory agencies, like the EPA or FDA, are protecting us from such dangers. Nothing could be further from the truth. Its time to educate yourself- watch the STINK documentary (link below). Don’t be fooled into thinking that all the products on the market in the U.S. are safe. There are over 80,000 chemicals allowed to be sold in the U.S. The government doesn’t require companies to reveal what chemicals are in your favorite products and many of these 80,000 chemicals were grandfathered in which means that they were automatically allowed to be sold when regulations set to protect us from harmful chemicals were enacted. The companies that use these chemicals get to hide the information as “proprietary” ingredients and then list the chemicals as FRAGRANCE (parfum).

face-1013520_1920Are you one of those people who walk by a candle store in the mall and get an instant headache? If you are, then you are probably experiencing a negative reaction to the synthetic, man-made chemicals contained in them. Before I learned about essential oils I never gave fragrances a second thought at all. It never entered my mind to question where all those great smelling scents came from. I never imagined that those nice smelling scents were actually coming from a toxic soup of chemicals and that they could be impacting my health in a negative way. Synthetic fragrances have been linked to lower IQ, cancer, migraines, allergies, seizures, dementia, autism, early puberty, heart disease, some are hormone disruptors and more. Pretty or nice smelling fragrances are literally making us sick. Some of these chemicals can actually change your DNA… and THAT is not a good thing.

Synthetic fragrances are found everywhere. A walk down the isles of WalMart, KMart, Sams Club, and yes, even grocery stores are getting on the “essential oil” bandwagon. Sadly most people don’t realize that the oils being used in those products are almost certainly synthetic, man-made chemical copies of what nature provides freely. Most of the essential oils on the market are developed for the perfume industry. Because of this they also come along with some of the same dangers that we are talking about here. They are considered adulterated oils and are not to be confused with pure, genuine, authentic THERAPEUTIC-GRADE essential oils… a term which Gary Young coined years ago but that is a whole other topic. If you see a warning on a bottle of essential oil saying not to use topically or not safe for ingestion, chances are it is an adulterated oil and contains toxic chemicals. One should never use the information provided here, on how to use Young Living essential oils, with other brands. Because of Young Living’s whole SEED-TO-SEAL process I’m assured of their purity and are the only ones that I would EVER consider ingesting.

This topic reminds me of a story I read online about what one woman’s husband shared with her, after he got home from work. He worked for Walmart and had to remove some broken candles to the back of the store so that they could be accounted for and be thrown out. He told with his wife that he learned something new that was very troubling to him. He said…

gas-33062-toxic-chemicals“You know how you can get candles in the candle isle with home goods, and candles in the chemicals and cleaning section? Well if you have broken candles in the candle isle you just record it for inventory purposes and throw it away in the glass bin. BUT, if you break one of those Glade, Febreeze, or Air Wick candles from the chemical isle, there is a whole Hazmat procedure that has to be done… Isn’t that interesting?”

She could finally see the wheels turning in his mind, that he was finally realizing that just maybe there was some validity to all the “toxins in our home” that she’d been talking to him about. He kept repeating “Hazmat! Can you believe that! We are breathing this stuff in!”

Fortunately with our wide variety of essential oil-infused products along with our THIEVES product line you do have many healthy alternatives. You never have to worry about what may be IN the product because we list everything on the label.
Please share this post with your family and friends, and help spread the word! It’s too important a topic not to. Invest a little of your time to watch this EYE-OPENING, award-winning documentary “Stink!”… now available to view 24/7 with no deadlines! You can’t afford to miss this.

STINK – A Documentary Film

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