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If you’re new to Young Living but are interested in building your own business you may be wondering… “OK I’ve signed up, now where do I start?” Some of you may be feeling a little overwhelmed and not sure where to begin, a natural response but no need to worry. As a member of my Heaven Scent Oiler Team I’m here to help support and guide you along the way. The main way I communicate with my downline is through our HSO4U Facebook group page and my TEAM NEWS Mail List… so if you haven’t done so already then click here and complete the sign-up form, and then return to this page.

As a member of my team you are also now a member of my upline, Melodie Kantner’s GRADE A NOTES Team. She has a massive collection of tools for all of us to use. While waiting for your kit to arrive (I do hope you ordered the Premium Starter Kit) begin educating yourself by following my recommendations below. I believe they will help ease you into using your oils, and building your business if that’s your intent. Our goal is to help equip you with everything you need to get started and help you be successful whichever way you decide to go.


If you’re new to Young Living and waiting for your kit to arrive the very first thing you should do is to visit this page: GETTING STARTED / Basic Guidelines. As members of our Heaven Scent Oiler Team this is the first page that you should be sending all new members to when they join Young Living. This page helps everyone start learning right away so that they can start USING the oils as soon as their kit arrives. While on that page, please be sure to sign-up for the 14-Day Premium Starter Kit Challenge. It would be very embarrassing to have them ask you questions about it and you not know what they’re talking about.

Once you start having your own experiences with the oils and doing your own research, SHARING their benefits will be easy, and your passion for them will be evident to all. You won’t be selling, you’ll be SHARING your passion and love for the oils!

Your “upline” (the person that sponsored you) is here to help guide and assist you, as am I, and Melodie, and those above us but as Melodie states below, ultimately your success belongs to you and how much time and effort you’re willing to devote to it. So, welcome to the journey and know that we are all here to help support and guide you along the way.



Another benefit to joining as a member of my team (Heaven Scent Oilers) is that I currently offer FREE OF CHARGE your own A PERSONAL NOTE page on my website for you to immediately start referring people. This allows you to get right to work and not to have to start worrying about the extra expense of getting your own website right away.

In order to view what these pages look like just let your cursor hover over the TEAM MEMBERS tab above. You’ll see a drop down list of names pop up with A PERSONAL NOTE following each of fellow team members names. The same basic format is used on this page for all members except the first paragraph. The first paragraph gives you the ability to personalize it a little and to convey to others your love of the oils and how you got started using them. The links on this page will help introduce your family, friends, and potential leads about essential oils, what it is about Young Livings that makes them so special, and provide them a link to join under you.

Once your “A PERSONAL NOTE” page is active you’ll want to begin sending people to it.


All Team Members requesting to have their own A PERSONAL NOTE page on this website are required to register for the following:

      a) BLOG POST Notification: You must sign up for this. It can be found on the right side of this page. NO confirmation required!

      b) NEWSLETTER E-Mail List: You must sign up for this too. It is a subscription to my monthly newsletter entitled… THE ESSENTIAL CONNECTION NEWSLETTER and can easily be shared by emailing to others The signup form for this can also be found on the right side of this page. CONFIRMATION REQUIRED! An e-mail will be sent to you asking you to confirm and activate your subscription. Be sure to add contactme@heavenscentoils4u.com to your address book to help prevent the e-mails from going to your SPAM or JUNK MAIL folder. The NEWSLETTER E-Mail List is used by me to mail out our monthly newsletter, and once or twice a month add’l info.- timely tips, recipes, information and much more!

      c) TEAM NEWS E-Mail List: Register Here CONFIRMATION REQUIRED! This is a subscription to my team newsletter for business builders. An e-mail will be sent to you asking you to confirm and activate your subscription.  It’s one of the ways that I communicate with the business building members of my Heaven Scent Oilers team.

      d)Sign-up for the 14-Day Premium Starter Kit Challenge here.

      ** NOTE: If you don’t see these e-mails in your INBOX be sure to check your SPAM folder (or OTHER inboxes) to confirm registration. The e-mail will be coming from Dorothy Hall / HeavenScentOils4U. After 24 hours you can resubmit your request again if necessary.


After you’ve registered for all four of the above just copy and paste the following list into a Facebook chat message to me on my personal page (preferred method) or send in an email.. Please DO NOT send as a document for me to download as I live in a rural area and have limited internet access. You’ll find my e-mail address here: MY BIO and CONTACT INFO

  1. For your “A Personal Note” page, submit a brief paragraph! For ideas of what to include read the first paragraph of some of the other TEAM MEMBER pages… it can can include the “why” behind your decision to start sharing YLEO’s and how excited you are to share them with others. Be sure to make it VERY short and sweet, and invite them to give essential oils a try and invite them to Intro to Oils Class.
  2. Your contact information (name, ID#, e-mail, phone#, Facebook url)
  3. Attach a jpeg picture (Doesn’t have to be a portrait. Can be a group picture – I can crop it as needed!)
  4. For those of you on Facebook, go to my HSO4U Facebook page and LIKE it!


If you have not received our Heaven Scent Oilers New Members User’s Guide yet, please contact the Heaven Scent Oiler Team Member that sponsored you to request your copy, or use the contact section below to send me a request, making sure that you supply me with your name and YL Member ID# so I can verify your membership and send you a copy.

I look forward to working with you as we take Young Living essential oils to the world. May you be blessed with wellness, purpose, and abundance in your journey with Young Living and be a blessing to others!

Dorothy Hall / HeavenScentOils4U.com

Melodie Kantner (My Upline)

“We are pleased to have you as a member of our team (GRADE A NOTES) and look forward to helping you have great success building your Young Living organization.

Remember, this is YOUR business. Your success depends on YOU, not your Sponsor, not your upline, not Young Living, but YOU! If you use the tools and listen to the guidance from your upline and other successful distributors, you will be be successful.

To get you started I recommend my 14 day training. You can either have a portion of this sent to your email every day, or you can access it online and go at your own pace.”


FIRST STEPS – Before Proceeding

Sign up here for access to GRADE A NOTES TEAM  YL Business Builders Page. My upline, Melodie Kantner has been with YLEO’s for over 18 yrs (as of 2014) and has built a MASSIVE COLLECTION of tools for use by those in her downline. This collection includes many tips, tools, resources, tutorials, video and audio links, and more! HOWEVER…. in order to gain access to this collection you must sign up for it!

  • Sign up for YL Business Builders E-Mail Notification: As a Distributor you need to keep up to date on product and company news. When you subscribe to YL Business Builders Page, you will get YL News and oil tips, plus business building tips from an experienced full time distributor. After you’ve received your Username & Password for the YL Business Builders page and have logged in, look for the BOX with the red banner “YL BUSINESS BUILDERS” on the right side and subscibe.
  • Silver in Six (Si6): Jump on the fast track to success by participating in the Silver in Six (Si6) program and experience abundance as a Young Living leader. As a reward for your effort, you could win the Si6 Achievement Kit, which includes the ultimate oil-sampling tool: Aroma Complete.


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