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The Benefits of Drinking Kombucha Tea

Kombucha tea, one of my favorite superfoods, has been around for a long, long time and in recent years has really grown in popularity. Its a naturally carbonated beverage that when made properly, happens to be a super nutritious thyroid and autoimmune elixir, full of B vitamins, vitamin C, enzymes for digestion, acids to boost the immune system, and gut-healing probiotics.  

Many scientific studies have been conducted on Kombucha tea. Russian researchers discovered that many of its components have antibiotic and detoxifying characteristics, and they play a decisive role in the biochemical processes in the body. Its been reported that it detoxes heavy metals, plastics, and neurotoxins!

Kombucha tea is made from a scoby mushroom which consists of a gelatinoid and tough mushroom-web membrane in the form of a flat disk. It lives in a nutrient solution of tea and sugar, in which it constantly multiplies through germinating. The fungal disc at first spreads over the entire surface of the tea and then thickens. It feeds on the sugar and, in exchange, produces other valuable substances which change into the drink: glucuron-acid, acetic acid, lactic acid, vitamins, amino acids, antibiotic substances, and other products. The tea-mushroom is, therefore, a real, tiny biochemical factory.

SCOBY is an acronym for- Symbiotic Colony Of Bacteria and Yeast

The therapeutic benefits attributed to Kombucha tea comes from the glucon-acid, glucuron-acid, acetic acid, lactic acid, acetic acid, as well as the life-supporting vitamins C and the B-group vitamins it contains. These bio-active substances help support and sustain whole body wellness, and can help reestablish normal conditions at the cellular level without any harmful side-effects. Its a very, VERY, strong liver detoxifier which is why when you are beginning with it you want to go slow, and start with small amounts. Begin with a 1/4 cup a day and gradually work your way up, paying careful attention to how you feel.

I was processing another batch of Kombucha tea and prepping fruit for a 2nd fermentation which dramatically increases the health benefits, when I decided to try some Thieves® Vitality in my morning glass of Kombucha tea. What a great combination it made. I will definitely have to start adding this to my Kombucha tea more often.

Thieves® Vitality essential oil blend is one of our most popular products and was inspired by the legend of four 15th-century French thieves who formulated a special aromatic combination composed of clove, rosemary, and other botanicals. These ingredients synergistically combine to offer one of the key benefits of Thieves Vitality oil: overall wellness and support of a healthy immune system. Additionally, Thieves Vitality may also help support a healthy respiratory system when taken internally. When taken as a dietary supplement, Thieves® is an ideal complement to a daily wellness regimen.*


Various Enzymes

  • Acetic acid – detoxifier
  • Carbonic acid – presents in blood aids in CO2 release and regulation of blood pH levels.
  • Folic Acid – a B vitamin, works with vitamin B12 in reducing homocysteine, a risk factor for heart disease. Supplementation may prevent, correct deficiencies
  • Gluconic acid – acts as a food preservative and is a product of the breakdown of glucose.
  • Glucuronic acid – Vital to detoxification of the body also produced by the healthy human liver. A precursor for mucopolysaccharide which helps in the prevention of the aging of skin tissue. There is a hot scientific dispute as to whether or not Kombucha contains this acid or its precusors. Careful, trying to understand who is right or wrong in this dispute may give you a headache.
  • L(+) Lactic acid – detoxifier, assist blood circulation, helps prevent bowel decay and constipation. Aids in balancing acids and alkaline in the body and may help regulate blood pH levels.
  • Usnic acid – inhibits viruses, an anti-bacterial agent.
  • Amino acids (various) – anti-aging properties, aids in the body’s production of Growth Hormone (GH). Hydroxy acids (various)
  • Vitamin B1 (Thiamin) – believed to aid in the prevention of arthritic conditions, atherosclerosis, cancer, free radical damage, skin aging, stroke, brain cell aging, and a immune system stimulant
  • Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) – believed to aid in the prevention of allergies, arthritic conditions.
  • Vitamin B3 (Niacin, niacinamide) – believed to aid in prevention of arthritic conditions, hair loss and free radical damage. Aids in healing of skin tissue. Promotes sexual excitation and stamina, also used as a tranquilizer substitute in high doses.
  • Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine) – believed to aid in the prevention of atherosclerosis, free radical damage, obesity, rheumatism, stroke, and promotes “sex flush” and orgasm.
  • Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin, cyanocobalamin) – believed to aid in memory and learning functions.
  • Vitamin C (from Lactic acid) – numerous known health benefits, too many to list here.

– use clean utensils
– wash hands thoroughly
– Store in glass containers
– Don’t allow metal to touch the mushroom- use plastic thongs

– Add the mother brew (Kombucha tea from previous batch) to the cooled tea mixture and then float the Kombucha scoby, shiny surface up, on the top.

-The scoby mushroom may sink during the first part of the fermentation, but will float to the surface again. How soon this happens often depends on the temperature – it works best in warm weather.

– WINTER… I like to place mine in the cabinet above the stove OR on the laundry room floor close to the heating vent on the floor, with lightweight dishtowel draped half way over the top and in front of the jars. Helps seal in some of the heat and helps it ferment faster. Works really well!!! Done this way should be ready in 5-7 days.

– SUMMER… I like to place mine in laundry room on counter and drape jar with lightweight dishtowel to keep sunlight out.

– For best results temp should be 65° – 90°F. 85° is ideal! To keep temperature stable, a brew belt or seed sprouting mat is recommended.

– Depending on how warm the environment is, after appx 7 – 10 days, your Kombucha is ready to use.

– Kombucha must be allowed to ferment long enough to remove all the sugar but not so long to become vinegar. When made correctly, the bacteria and yeasts in kombucha consume the sugars, and as they ferment produce by-products of probiotics! Do a taste test every couple of days, starting on the 4th day. The tea should be tart, not sweet. However, it should NOT be overly sour or vinegary. If the tea is sweet, the sugar hasn’t been fully converted. If it tastes like sparkling apple cider, it is ready to drink, unless you want it more tart.

– When ready to process again, remove scoby mushrom along with 1 cup of Kombucha tea and use for making next batch.

– Strain remaining Kombucha tea using large strainer and 1 clean mens handkerchief and pour into large glass bowl; store in glass bottles, preferably EASY CAP beer bottles meant for brewing (they can handle the carbonation without the bottle exploding from the pressure). I personally reuse empty, clean Ningxia Red bottles.

Glass Kombucha Jar w/ Cotton Cloth Cover & Plastic Lid for Storage after Brewing

CASE OF 6 – 16 oz. EASY CAP Beer Bottles with Funnel and Cleaning Brush (for storing finished Kombucha tea)


There are a few superfoods that I believe everyone on the plant would benefit from and should try incorporating into their life on a daily basis… homemade bone broth, cultured or fermented foods (Kefir, Kombucha and cultured veggies), and pure, genuine, therapeutic-grade essential oils.

I have used Kombucha for many years and have experienced its benefits firsthand, and recently began adding bone broth, kefir and cultured vegetables into the mix also. No matter where you live or your income level, I believe that these powerful SUPERFOODS are something everyone should be using to improve their health. Why?

First, cultured foods, including Kombucha tea, provide different good bacteria and yeasts that enhance the trillions of beneficial bacteria found in the body, allowing them to thrive, grow, and multiply.

Homemade bone broth, provides you an incredibly concentrated source of the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and vital proteins your body needs to thrive. In fact, there may be nothing else on earth that provides you such a powerfully concentrated source of these nutrients! One of the main compounds found in bone broth is the specific type of gelatin called a “hydrophilic colloid.” When made properly, bone broth also contains high amounts of collagen. Studies have shown that gelatin, in combination with collagen, helps line your stomach and intestines, which can create a barrier against toxins and help improve gut health!

I’ve noticed when people start consuming one of these superfoods they notice over time that they slowly begin to feel better, but when they start consuming all of them they begin the THRIVE and at a much faster pace! I firmly believe they are a key to living well, and living balanced!

Like essential oils, Kombucha is widely popular and is causing quite a stir in the health and wellness industry. It’s become a half a billion dollar industry simply by word of mouth because so many people have experienced such amazing results from it. I learned recently, that apparently, Pepsicola corporation is considering jumping on the bandwagon and may be adding it to their beverage offerings.

Unfortunately there are some stirring up a controversy over its use and scaring people. Use your own common sense and educate yourself on this topic before falling for these tactics. The Kombucha industry has become a 0.6 billion dollar industry. In my opinion, that would not have happened if it wasn’t producing results.

When it comes to your own health choices, learn how to trust your own instincts. Don’t let others decide for you what is best for YOU! Only YOU can do that. Do your own research, and then make an informed decision and do what you believe is best for YOU. It’s very empowering! If you haven’t tried Kombucha I would strongly encourage you to test it out for yourself. Give it a serious try over the coming months and see how you respond to it.

We’ve become a fast food nation and traded our health for convenience, and its come at a high price. Unfortunately, it can take years before we feel or become aware of its full effect. Everywhere you look, chronic illness and obesity is on the rise. We’ve become our own worst enemy. Somewhere along the line we lost our way but I believe that we CAN get back on track. It’s time we get back in the drivers seat and take control of the steering wheel. You may be wondering though, once in the drivers seat, where do I go from there? Well, it’s easier than you might think.

First, begin to educate yourself on these topics and commit to getting back to basics. Start by using Young Living essential oils in your everyday life. Start reading labels. If it contains something that you can’t pronounce, don’t buy it. Stop poisoning yourself and feed your body REAL food instead of commercially processed, prepackaged foods containing toxic chemicals and ingredients whose names you can’t pronounce. Start making homemade bone broth, and slowly begin incorporating kombucha, kefir and cultured foods into your diet. The human body has an amazing ability to repair itself WHEN you give it real food and provide it with the nourishment it needs. When we clean up our diet and kick toxic chemicals and preservatives to the curb I believe its possible for people to live a happy, vibrant life, full of energy and joy. Commit to making healthy changes and start experiencing life the way it was meant to be lived.

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