• “There is treasure to be desired and oil in the house of the wise.” – Proverbs 21:20

Back to School with Essential Oils

Anytime of year is a great time to begin using essential oils to help support your health and wellness goals for your family. Many mothers and fathers consider their essential oils a valuable tool when sending your children back to school because of their many, varied and powerful benefits. Young Living’s essential oils are safe and natural, and they’re convenient and easy to use. Kids LOVE them too! Parents love them because they don’t contain any toxic chemicals or harmful side effects. We even have a KidScents Collection for little ones… pre-diluted and ready to use. If used consistently I believe you’ll see amazing results throughout the year.
Back to School

If I had to choose only ONE oil to start with, then THIEVES would be at the top of the list. This proprietary essential oil blend was university tested and is highly effective in supporting healthy immune function and good health. It’s a must have for every home and I personally never want to be without it! It contains the following powerful essential oils… clove, lemon, cinnamon, eucalyptus radiata and rosemary.

Here are some popular ways parents use essential oils during the school year. You might want to give these a try too…

  • Apply one drop to the bottom of each foot and down the spine (dilute with carrier oil on the spine) before bed or upon rising in the morning.
  • Diffuse for 10-15 minutes as soon as the kids get home from home from school.
  • After brushing teeth, rinse toothbrush and apply one drop of Thieves to toothbrush and rebrush. Add small amount of water to mouth and swish around and then swallow.

You might consider having your children begin each day by placing one drop of lemon essential oil in a glass of water and drink upon rising. A good combination for older children is to add one drop of Thieves, one drop of peppermint, and 2 drops of Citrus Fresh to 16-20 oz glass bottle full of water; shake well. Divide between 2-3 children by pouring into two to three 8-oz glasses and have them drink upon rising. This combination of oils is meant to help support healthy immune function, refresh the mouth, and awaken and invigorate the mind… a great way to begin each day.

There are many teachers, educators and parents that already realize the impact that using Young Living essential oils can have in the classroom, and for their own family at home.

Depending on the oil, there are various ways to use YL essential oils… aromatic, topical, dietary. When applying to the body be sure to apply with intention… meaning to verbally speak or pray what you want the oils to do. Many report that when applied in this manner their effect is faster and stronger.

AROMATIC: Means that you can inhale directly from the bottle or diffuse.

TOPICAL: You can apply to skin either NEAT (without dilution) or diluted with V-6 Enhanced Vegetable Oil Complex, or other pure carrier oils like coconut or olive oil to bottoms of feet, wrists, spine, stomach, etc. (see individual oils for more specific information).

DIETARY: Depending on the oil being used, it may be taken as a dietary supplement. Always check label or reference book for specific instructions. One can add drops to a vegetable gel capsule, or add to juice, rice milk, yogurt or honey to ingest. Please refer to the individual product labels for additional usage instructions including how to dilute specific oils that may irritate sensitive skin.

Oils listed as “photosensitive” are best applied under clothing or on soles of feet.. in other words in places where the sun don’t shine. They make the skin more sensitive to UV light, and can result in a dark “burn” to the skin, looking like a birth mark, which needs to then grow out. Always check label on bottle for directions.

CAUTION: Young Living essential oils are the ONLY oils I trust to be safe enough to ingest. References to the use of essential oils refers SOLELY to Young Living THERAPEUTIC-GRADE Essential Oils and products.

The IMPORTANCE of using PURE, unadulterated essential oils cannot be stressed enough. Young Living essential oils are NOT your average, run of the mill “scents” you will find at your local drug or health food store. Most of the essential oils on the market are adulterated and are considered “perfume” or “aromatherapy” quality or “fourth & fifth quality” oils despite their claims of being “100% pure”. You CANNOT expect to use those and get the same results! Adulterated oils that are cut with synthetic extenders can be VERY detrimental, causing rashes, burning, and skin irritations. Petrochemical solvents can all cause allergic reactions, besides being devoid of any therapeutic effects. Please DO NOT attempt to use inferior brands in the same way, as it could be harmful or even toxic!

If you’re new to essential oils I would encourage you to join the growing ranks of mothers and fathers across the world who are already using our products. You won’t know what you’re missing until you’ve tried them.


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  • WARNING- References to the use of essential oils refers SOLELY to Young Living Essential Oils. Before taking oils internally always verify if it's safe for internal use. Never attempt to use other oils in the same way as it may be dangerous or toxic! Because of their SEED-to-SEAL process Young Living oils are the ONLY ones that I would ever consider ingesting!

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