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2015 YL International Convention HIGHLIGHTS


The countdown has started. Young Living’s annual International Grand Convention starts in less than 24 hours. The excitement and anticipation is building. Didn’t get to attend the YLEO’s Int’l. Convention this year? Want to hear about all the “news” coming out of convention?

No worries… you’ve come to the right place! Save this page as a FAVORITE and return here to view updates as I add them to this post throughout the coming week! And don’t forget to be sure to sign up for my BLOG POSTS and and check out my Facebook page so you won’t miss out on all the HOT NEWS coming off the press, so to speak!!!


During the three main days of each session (Session A: August 3–5; Session B: August 7–9), Young Living will be posting exciting giveaways, as well as providing up-to-the-minute updates on convention happenings. Some giveaways will be exclusive to convention attendees; however, we’ll be spreading the love to those of you who can’t join us in Dallas, so keep an eye out! For official rules please visit YoungLiving.com.

Unfortunately I had technical difficulties and wasn’t able to post daily during convention but now that I’m home I will be updating this blog post with news from convention. Last update to this post… 8.11.15 7:23 am EST


Going to convention for the first time was such an exciting experience and Heaven Scent Oiler Team Members were anxious to meet in person for the first time. Everyone was anxious to give each other a great big hug and the experience was made even better when upon leaving one of our rooms we were greeted by a fellow Young Living member whose room was directly across one of our rooms. I think she must have heard all the squealing and commotion, and realized that there must be other Young Living members across the hall from her so she poked her head out from behind her door and greeted us. Introductions were made when I realized that this was same Stacey Hall, of Chi-to-Be, who was such a BIG help to those of us stuck at home and unable to attend convention last year. She kept us all updated with what was happening at last years convention with her posts. We were all thrilled to meet her up close and personal. She has such a loving, generous spirit- it was evident for all to see. The icing on the cake was to be able to purchase her book and have her autograph them for us. It was funny how we kept bumping into one another during convention.
Stacey Hall and team members

General Session – Day One
YL Light the Fire

Click here for detailed information on new products introduced at convention!


Light the Fire“Light the Fire” blend contains Ocotea, Cassia, Hinoki, Jade Lemon, and Black Spruce (from our Northern Lights Farm)

  • Black Spruce empowers each of us to become strong, grounds and anchors us.
  • Black Spruce contains Vitamin C
  • IMG_0457


    Look what’s been addded to our THIEVES product line!






    This adorably cute video staring Jared Turner’s son was introduced at convention and features the new kids Dino Land Diffuser. It got a lot of response from convention attendees and is sure to be a hot seller for those with children.


    pure protein 2015 convention

    pure protein details  2015 covention

    pure protein atp

    atp studies  2015 covention

    choc covered slique bars 2015 covention

    Coming Fall of 2015 - new  supplement!

    Coming Fall of 2015 – new supplement!

    ningxia zyng  2015 covention



    Right to left- Stevie Baggs- James Lawrence "the Iron Cowboy", ... (women)

    Right to left: Stevie Baggs- three-time All-American and former pro football player, Roman Sebrle- the World Decathlon record holder, and named the World’s Greatest Athlete by The Wall Street Journal, James Lawrence “the Iron Cowboy”- all Young Living Brand Ambassadors, … and women Brand Ambassadors- Edina Hamulic (NGA Figure Pro), Londin Angels Winters- Co-Founder of Metaphysical Fitness and author of Loving Your Weight Off, and Haley Jenson- Global Trainer at Young Living Essential Oils.

    Young Living’s brand ambassador, James Lawrence known as the ‘Iron Cowboy’ finished 50 triathlons in 50 days in 50 states was at convention and was such an inspiration for all!

    Young Living’s new farm and distillery in Croatia!

    YL Croatia distillery pics!

    YL Croatia distillery pics!

    YL Croatia distillery pics!

    YL Croatia distillery pics!

    YL Croatia distillery pics!


    Stay tuned for Young Living’s DRIVE TO WIN Contest…. you could win this TESLA car!

    Young Living's DRIVE TO WIN Contest begins Sept. 1st!   it's your chance to win some great prizes! Grand prize is this TESLA car.

    Young Living’s DRIVE TO WIN Contest begins Sept. 1st!
    it’s your chance to win some great prizes! Grand prize is this TESLA car.

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